terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2009


The Heat-Soak Test is a destructive test for the presence of nickel sulphide inclusions that might cause glass failure (spontaneous breakage) in service. It involves placing the toughened glass in an oven and heating it to a temperature of 290 decrees centigrade. If NiS inclusions are present in the glass, it is hoped that they will cause breakage within the oven. Heat soaking will not detect other inclusions such as silica that can also cause breakage.

  • DIN Standard - requires 8 hours at an oven temperature of 290 degrees Centigrade
  • BS EN 14179 - requires the glass temerature to be held at 290 degrees centigrade for at least two hours
  • Conversion rate - as high as 90 to 95%

    Heat soaking is of particular value in safety-critical work such as balustrades and overhead glazing as well as in highly trafficked areas such as airports and shopping malls where breakage would be very imotive.

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