sábado, 3 de outubro de 2009


An automated cleaning apparatus (1, 16) for cleaning the external facade of a building, including windows and walls, the apparatus comprising a gantry unit (1) adapted to be mounted on and to traverse a running track (3) on the roof (3A) of the building adjacent to the perimeter (4) thereof, a mobile gondola unit (16) suspended from the gantry unit (1) by cables (10) adjacent to the facade (31) of the building and able to move vertically relative to the position of the gantry unit (1), and a cleaning unit (20, 21) mounted on the gondola unit (16) including high-pressure spray nozzles (25, 26) directed towards the facade (31) and adapted to oscillate from side to side circumscribing a horizontal arc. All components of the cleaning apparatus (1, 16) are controlled by a computer program to control all aspects of operation and position of the apparatus to cater to different profiles of building facade to be cleaned.


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