domingo, 29 de novembro de 2009


Fig. 1: Collapsed structure and collapse sequence

The local blasting leads to stiffness reductions and structural member cut off. Physical parameters describing the results of a blasting process are generally not deterministic thus uncertain. Commonly this applies for geometric and material parameters. In the stochastic sense each blasting operation is an individual event that is generally characterized by limited data and distinctive data uncertainty. For a formal description of data uncertainty a new mathematical model is introduced. The uncertainty model fuzzy randomness allows a generalized modeling of uncertainty where the special cases randomness and fuzziness are included. In particular cases the appropriation of the uncertainty model fuzziness may be advisable for some reasons.

The problem is additional characterized by model uncertainty in consequence of varying collapse developments. Model uncertainty acquires the alternative collapse developments as assessed set of simulation models. The structure is subdivided in rigid and flexible parts. During collapse the model represents a multi body system with uncertain material, geometry an load input parameters which are assumed or directly specified. The delayed annihilation of rigid body links yields to the structural collapse with contact, deformation, and fraction situations. The collapse process is identified by system modification e.g. modification of the system geometry, stiffness and system boundary conditions (see Fig. 1)

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