domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2009


WSP Cantor Seinuk is an internationally recognized structural engineering firm based in New York and with offices in Los Angeles, London, Dubai, and New Delhi. The company specializes in the design of building structures of varied types and usages. Over the past 30 years, the practice has received over 90 awards for engineering excellence from various organizations and has built a reputation amongst our clients and building professionals for innovative and cost-effective design solutions.

Underneath the umbrella of structural engineering we deliver skills associated with:

  • Substructure and foundations
  • Superstructures
  • Steel and concrete frame design
  • Post tensioned design
  • Transfer structures
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Vibration control
  • Building motion analysis

Our range of skills and services also include:

  • Technical advisor services
  • Business case support
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Computer simulation techniques
  • System design
  • Condition surveys
  • Whole life costing advice
  • Our structural engineers work closely with all members of the design team to ensure that the vision for the building is achievable in a practical way.

Often dealing with challenging conditions caused by the nature of the environment or the local infrastructure, our goal is to make a structure efficient in its design - minimizing cost and effect on the environment; and optimizing its utilization through the minimizing of structural components hence improving the structural efficiently and maximizing value.

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