segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2010


In a bolder attempt, engineers are applying the regeneration system to human actions. Earlier this month, researchers at a Canadian venture firm Bionic Power showed a man-power generator called Biomechanical Energy Harvester.

The device, which resembles an orthopedic knee brace, can generate up to five watts of power without any discomfort to the wearer. For example, for every minute of walking, the device can generate enough power for 10 minutes of talk time on a typical mobile phone, the firm says.

The innovative part of the device is that it can actually make walking more comfortable and less tiring for the wearer of the device. People walk by moving each leg forwards and backwards. The device operates during the end of the moving phase of each leg, which is similar to the braking phase of an automobile or an elevator. Thus, it helps to decelerate and simultaneously produces electrical power.

``Our technology is really about freedom,'' says Yad Garcha, CEO of Bionic Power. He said the device can be especially helpful for the military. ``The Energy Harvester not only lightens a soldier's load, allowing him to travel farther and faster, but it could radically reduce shipping and logistics costs.''

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