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The UKSRG ramp test (Figure 4) is designed to simulate the conditions commonly encountered in typical workplace slip accidents. 

Clean water is used as the contaminant and footwear with a standardised soling material is used, although barefoot testing may also be undertaken.

The test method involves using test subjects who walk forwards and backwards over a contaminated flooring sample. The inclination of thesample is increased gradually until the test subject slips. The average angle of inclination at which slip occurs is used to calculate the CoF of the flooring.

The CoF measured relates to the flooring used on a level surface. It is possible to assess bespoke combinations of footwear, flooring and contamination relating to specific environments using this method; HSL also use the ramp to assess the slipperiness of footwear .
REF: Assessing the slip resistance of flooring -HSE

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